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Ladies of DC drawn by Bruce Timm

That Batwoman though 😍

My babe harley

In that picture of the Okawara Victory and Crossbone that was going around the other day, I noticed that they looked a lot closer to his 80s designs than they did to his 90s/00s designs. It makes me question how much creative control he has over his more recent designs. I wonder if some mobile suits look the way they do due to mandates from Bandai?

Jake Blues and John Landis

Jake Blues and John Landis

That’s the thing, I still of designs like the F91 and the YF-19 as being “modern”, even though they’re gettting kind of old now. Has mecha design since the 90s been stagnent? Or is it just because I don’t really give a fuck about anything recent?

In fact, I’d say the F91 was my favorite modern Gundam design if it weren’t for the fact that it’s 23 years old now. It feels ahead of it’s time, though.

The F91 is one of my favorite Gundams and it deserved to be in something better than the F91 movie


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pokemon colosseum


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